What’s your passion?

There are passions for every person. Do you dream of…….?…buying shoes?

….taking in some mountain air?

......growing some flowers?

...relaxing in some beautiful oasis?

....eating at your favorite Thai place?

….getting away from it all?

...or drinking something special?

When you notice what it is you love, you’re grateful for choices that ignite your passions and lead you down the path that makes you who you are. These are just a slice of my own passions. Of course the really important things are those that soothe the soul and ultimately connect us with others and  help them find their own passions as well.

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Hello world … Checkout the new Dyann.com!

So great to finally meet you! I’d like to share some of my thoughts on how to be more mindful of your own passions when going about your day. Yours certainly don’t have to be the same as mine, but hopefully, some of my ideas might just make your life more simple and joyful. DyannHottie Dyann!

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